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Varimat 500

Varimat 500
  • Ergonomic welding due to high contact pressure
  • Keeps track due to flexible transport axis
  • Reliable insertion of the nozzle
  • Warning signal for undervoltage for quality assurance
  • Easy conversion to 230 or 400 V

The VARIMAT 500 automatic welding machine from Leister ensures reliable process safety when welding plastic sealing membranes and bitumen membranes on flat roofs. With high contact pressure, easy conversion from 230 to 400 V and innovative swing-in mechanism, it offers fast and precise nozzle positioning into the overlap. The flexible transport axis of the VARIMAT 500 ensures accurate tracking, even in roof closures close to the edge.

Like its "big brother", the VARIMAT 700 automatic welder, the VARIMAT 500 is designed for many different applications: Whether for roofing work or swimming pool construction, the waterproofing membranes are processed reliably and quickly. Truck tarpaulins and advertising banners can also be welded perfectly with the VARIMAT 500. Its air partitioning concept, which is decoupled from the pressure roller, prevents wrinkles during welding. This ensures both optimal water flow and attractive appearance. The Monitored Welding Assistant gives users the assurance that the weld meets the high quality requirements of the customer. If the set welding parameters (temperature, speed and air volume) are exceeded, the VARIMAT 500 signals this with an acoustic and optical signal. In the event of undervoltage up to a maximum of 20 %, the automatic roof welding machine continues to reach the required welding temperature thanks to its power management. If the undervoltage is greater than 20 %, the VARIMAT 500 switches off automatically because the quality of the weld may then no longer be guaranteed. To ensure that the correct welding parameters are set, Leister offers reliable welding profiles and a "library" of proven welding recipes in the myLeister app. At the customer’s request, the VARIMAT 500 was equipped with an LED work light. Thus, welding of the roofing membranes is possible even at night or at dusk, because the welding zone is optimally illuminated. The large, user-friendly display and its rotating adjustment knob make the VARIMAT 500 intuitive to operate. Service requirements are low due to the brushless, maintenance-free hot air blower, even under intensive load. Hybrid ceramic bearings in the blower motors ensure a long service life. The VARIMAT 500 can be transported easily, ergonomically and safely in the sturdy rolling transport case (included in delivery). In order to cover individual customer requirements, the VARIMAT is available in two further versions: VARIMAT 700 and VARIMAT 300.

Technical data:    
Voltage V~ 230 / 400
Frequency Hz 50 / 60
Power W 3680 / 5700
Speed m/min 1,0 - 12,0
Temperature ºC 100 - 620
Air volume adjustable   Yes
Width of welding nozzle mm 40
Welding materials   TPO; PVC; TPE; ECB; EPDM; EVA; PIB; TPU; FPO; PO; PVC-P
LQS   No
Brushless blower motor   Yes
Size (L x W x H) mm 605 x 335 x 373
Weight kg 37,5
Plug   Without plug; CEE red, 5 poles, 16A
Power cable length m 5,0
Approvals   CE; CB Certification; UKCA
Protection class   I
RAL   No