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BBTechnics Oy is strong and emerging Finnish influencer in the plastic and construction industry. Our selection is composed of the products of the industry’s top leaders. We are proud to be the representatives of the industry’s top leaders including Leister, Widos, Graepel, Frank GmbH and Bainbridge. In addition we also import ITW Dynatec, Finishing Brands and Agru’s premium products. Following our exclusive rights to import their products, we are able to offer our customers very high class and quality products. It is extremely important for us that we can guarantee for the customers products' origin, safety and premium quality.

BBTechnics group


We are experts in our eld. We have been in our line of work for close to 15 years, growing and developing with the worlds nest in this business. We know everything there is to know about this eld and that’s what guarantees that we will endure – we’ll still be here tomorrow, just as we are today.
You can count on us..


We consider each challenge as an important one. We focus on quality and take every challenge with full dedication, not just large-scale projects but also, for example, when we supply nishing kits to cottage industries. Thanks to our thoroughness, we always nd the best solution.
We can be trusted.


We have a healthy sense of self-worth. We aren’t orientated to turning a one-o , quick sale. Instead, we value lasting and transparent relationships with our customers and our partners. We treat others the way we’d like them to treat us. 


We’re always here. We don’t abandon anyone to their worries, be they big or small. We understand customers and sense our responsibility – we o er solutions that exceed expectations. We’re level-headed and stay focussed on our customers. 


We’re veterans in our business and we’re to be reckoned with, but we also continue to grow. To remain on top, we continue to deal with our own development and training, ensuring that we always have the freshest solutions and newest technology to o er. We aren’t complacent or overly concerned with our own comfort.


We think outside the box. We understand what customers need, even in situations where they don’t know exactly what to ask for. We make things easy and nd solutions – or we come up with them ourselves. We’re smart, understanding and good communicators.


You can count on us, because we’re dedicated.
We take our work personally – we have a true sense of responsibility.
We’re always here, at the very least with good advice.
We make you feel like we’ve got your back. Because we do.

Stefan Erik Kevin | CEO