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Hot melt adhesvie supply hoses are electrically-heated, flexible conduits designed for the transfer of hot-melt material from an adhesive supply unit (ASU) to an applicator (head or handgun). Hoses are heated by resistance heaters which are wrapped around the hose core and covered with a high-temperature insulation. Hose temperature is regulated by the ASU's controller. A sensor located in the hose provides temperature information to the controller.

DYNACONTROL are 1000 psi (69 bar) hoses used to deliver hot-melt material from a Dynamelt or Dynamini ASU to an ITW Dynatec applicator (either a dispensing head or a hand-held applicator). These hoses provide through wiring for power, sensor and chassis ground in the applicator. All DynaControl hoses feature PT-100 RTD sensors.

Wash down hot melt hose models are available. They consist of a standard hot melt hose, made water resistant with the addition of a seamless flexible sleeving, sealed end cuffs and liquid-tight electrical conduit and fittings.


  • One year warranty
  • Competitive replacement hoses available

Available Sizes

  • ITW Dynatec's hot melt hoses are available in a variety of sizes to fulfill any customer need.