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FZ03/1 & EErgo Z

FZ03/1 & EErgo Z

Overlap welding set consisting of guide unit and EErgo Z

Product features FZ03/1

  • Professional and easy to use guide clamps for overlap welding of reinforced profiles.
  • Completely tool-free adjustment of the welding position for welding with Z-paddle.
  • Uniform contact pressure over the entire welding surface of the profile for perfect welding quality
  • Application range for round belts from 6-20mm and for V-belts from 8x5mm to 32x20mm.
  • Safe handling with high repeat accuracy of the welding position thanks to toggle lever.
  • Scope of delivery includes assembly option with table mounting and vice.
  • Unique contact pressure in radial and axial alignment!

Product features EErgo-Z

  • Robust, fibreglass-reinforced and ergonomic handle.
  • Special Z-paddle for overlap welding with guide clamp FZ03/1.
  • Correct temperature setting thanks to predefined buttons per welding material (PU 280 °C / Polyester 240 °C).
  • Precise and stable temperature control for avoidance of temperature fluctuations under different welding conditions
  • No adhesion of PU and TPE material thanks to Teflon-coated welding paddle
  • Matching magnetic storage stand for safe storage of the welding paddle even when welding in the system