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TRIAC ST, 230V/1600W

Design meets experience

The new TRIAC ST from Leister is primarily used for welding and processing plastic. During its development, a deliberate choice was made to do without extra technical features. Instead it is distinguished by handiness, reliability and versatility, like its predecessor the TRIAC S.

TRIAC AT, 230V/1600W

The new TRIAC AT is an intelligent yet robust hot air tool for welding and shrinking plastic. It is designed for the needs of even the most demanding professional. The TRIAC AT incorporates an ergonomic design, secure handling and a modern look.


The new ELECTRON ST is a real powerhouse among Leister's hand tools. The appearance of this tool has been modeled after the new TRIAC range. For the user, this means improved ergonomics and, as a result, the ability to work in more comfort. Existing ELECTRON nozzles fit the new model.

Welding Pen R 230V/1000W

The WELDING PEN R is a small and handy tool with digital welding temperature display, integrated heating element protection and external air supply.

Welding Pen S 230V/1000W

Ultra-compact and flexible-to-use WELDING PEN S hand tool with external air supply and integrated heating element protection.

DIODE PID, 230V/1600W

Electronically regulated welding temperature for perfect working. DIODE PID's external air supply makes it suitable for mobile installation work.

DIODE S, 230V/1600W

Handy and powerful welding tool, the DIODE S has steplessly adjustable welding temperature and external air supply.

GHIBLI, 230V/2000W

GHIBLI is a universal tool for welding and shrinking. Two-step air flow switching and stepless temperature.

HOT-JET S, 230V/460W

As the most compact hand tool from Leister, the HOT JET S’ low weight of just 1.3 lbs, incl. cord and slim handle, ensures fatigue-free welding and high power.

FORTE S3, 3x400V/10kW

The FORTE S3 is a powerful hand tool for flameless shrinking even in the most confined spaces.

MINOR blower 230V/100W

MINOR is a powerful blower for DIODE PID and DIODE S.

Sonora S1, 230V/2000W

Neat and compact, the Sonora S1 is for shrinking, shaping and much more.

LABOR S 230V/800W with connection box

LABOR S 230V/800W with connection box

Small but scrappy: The LABOR S is a jack of all trades. It can be used to weld even difficult to access locations perfectly.