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  • DynaControl V6 - Modular Control Platform

DynaControl V6 - Modular Control Platform

DynaControl V6 - Modular Control Platform

ITW Dynatec’s Dynacontrol V6 is a modular control platform that serves as the next generation of globally standardized software and hardware for Dynamelt ASUs.


The proprietary design of Dynacontrol V6 offers customers an affordable solution for advanced PLC-like controls that are both flexible and reliable. With a variety of communication interfaces and advanced functionality for improved production efficiency, Dynacontrol V6 can meet the needs of even the most demanding applications. The modular design also offers reduced cost for spare parts, simplified operator training, and ease of future upgrades.

The Dynacontrol V6 control platform was designed with flexibility and value to the customer in mind. It’s modular design allows users to define it’s functionality based on the components used and software configuration settings. This allows for the use of the same spare parts in all Dynatec adhesive supply units, simplified operator training and ease of maintenance. The V6 platform also offers customizable operation functionality and is easily upgradable for future enhancements. For example, customer’s have the capability to control ASUs through a central HMI, operate “headless” units with no HMI and/or access units remotely for seamless integration.


Modular Control Platform

  • Same spare parts for all Dynatec units
  • Simplified operator training and maintenance
  • Easy upgrade
  • Reduced total cost of ownership by 50%

System Flexibility

  • Multi-system control through one central HMI
  • Remote access capabilities for seamless integration
  • Independent, standardized field bus interface

Advanced Ramp Compensation

  • More accurate glue dispensing
  • End product meets specification window
  • Little to “no scrap” production
  • Significantly reduced product waste up to 95%

Standard Features

  • Fully Programmable Ramp Compensation
  • DIN Rail-Mounted Finger-Safe Modules
  • Secure Inter-Module Bus System
  • Diagnostic LED For All Zones
  • Field Upgradable Modules

Optional Features

  • Pendant Control
  • Remote Multi-System Support

Technical data

  • Max. # Temperature Zones - 64
  • Max. # Motor Controls - 9
  • Max. # Pressure Readouts - 18
  • Auxiliary Inputs - 6+64
  • Relay Outputs - 3+24
  • Analog Inputs - 16, multi-purpose
  • Analog Outputs - 16, multi-purpose
  • Expandability - up to 4 XIO modules for custom I/O and logic
  • Relay Outputs - 3+24
  • Pump Modes - Manual, Automatic Line Speed, Automatic Pressure Control
  • Ramp Compensation - Fully Programmable
  • Connectivity - Profibus, EtherNet/IP, EtherCAT, ModBusTCP
  • Storage Media - SD-Card (USB)
  • Multi-System Control - Up to 10 systems controlled via touch panel