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Our exactaMelt devices with precision gear pumps of the highest quality provide for a Exactly even glue application without pulsation and pressure fluctuations, at any machine speed.

The materials used and the absence of compressed air reduce operating and maintenance costs.

The modern technology of the system integrates a lot of innovations for perfect operation in every hotmelt production unit. The dust- and dirt-resistant 4.3" colour display with touch-sensitive surface allows intuitive control of the system. All variants are equipped with the tried and tested safety input wheel, enabling one-handed operation - even with gloves.

Perfect Melt

Perfect Melt

Characteristics of Perfect Melt hotmelt system:

  • Economical intelligence
  • One-Hand-Safety-Wheel-Control
  • Intuitive colour touch display
  • Melting on demand
  • 8 hose connections
  • Easy maintenance
  • Adujustable control of timer
  • WLAN-Connection
  • Control via iPad-App


Characteristics of MaxMelt hotmelt system:

  • the processing of large glue quantities by gear pump systems
  • a steady glue application also at changing machine speeds
  • a seperately adjustable drive for every pump
  • connection of 1-2 hoses per pump/drive
  • control and display of up to 12 heating zones
  • melt capacity of approximately 30 kg/h to 60 kg/h
  • interfaces for the connection to the production machine
  • menu-contolled operation unit via touch-screen
  • level control
  • also applicable as circulating system
  • suitable for the processing of EVA, adhesive hotmelt on the basis of caoutchouc as well as adhesives and polyamides on the basis of PE
  • Options: Level control, Touch Screen, double gear pump, gear pump from 2.5 ccm to 10 ccm/revolutions
PressMelt - PUR sulattaja

PressMelt - PUR sulattaja

PUR adhesives are used for applications with high demands on the stability and durability of adhesion. Fields of application include furniture making, lamination of worktops, the automotive sector etc. As PUR adhesives quickly react with humidity and harden, the melter must be easy to refill and operate.

We offer units suitable for 2 kg and 20 kg slugs.

  • Block size: 2 kg, 20 kg
  • Viscosity range: 100 - 60.000 mPas
  • Temperature range: 50 – 195 °C (short term  220 °C)
  • Melting rate: 8 l/h (depending from glue)
  • Delivery rate: 35 l/h
  • Working pressure pump: 40 bar
  • Power supply: 3L/N/PE, 230/400 V
  • Weight: approx. 80 kg/160 kg


The automatic granules feeder „PowerFill“ replaces the tank lid of the hotmelt system. Once the level sensor  detects a lack of material the feeder switches on. The lance absorbs the granules from the storage container. In doing so, an integrated vibrator looses potential clumpings. The feeder switches of as soon as the specified fillinglevel is reached. 

The system can be installed on any of the usual glue applicators.

Technical Data

  • Feed performance: 3,5-5 kg/min
  • Feed distance: up to 3m vertical, up to 15m horizontal
  • Air connection: 6 - 10 bar
  • Air consumption: 50 - 60 l/kg
  • Air consumption: at 8 bar: 360 l/min