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Mahuti ülerõhu filter tüüp S-AJ S-AJ

Mahuti ülerõhu filter tüüp S-AJ S-AJ

Standard filter cartridge meets filter class M according norm no. EN 60335-2-69 with an average extraction degree of 99.9%.

  • Application: Silo airing at filling up
  • Highly service friendly, since top easily can tilted and locked
  • Standard delivered with filter material G113
  • Easy filter cartridge exchange, since only cartridges must be dismounted
  • Differential pressure control type BA with built-in digital display of differential pressure over filters
  • Delivered galvanized and powder enamelled

Operational data

Filter type and air volume: Is calculated on the basis of dust type and dust volume as well as other circumstances by V. Aa. Gram A/S.

Filter control (BA): 230V AC (constant)
Compressed air: 4.5 - 5 bar dry compressed air

Technical data

  • S-AJ 18 filter area: 18m²
  • S-AJ 18 max. vacuum: 30,000Pa
  • S-AJ 18 compressed air: 3.5L/min
  • S-AJ 18 air volume: 1080-1620m³/h
  • S-AJ 24 filter area: 24m²
  • S-AJ 24 max. vacuum: 15,000Pa
  • S-AJ 24 compressed air: 19.2L/min
  • S-AJ 24 air volume: 1440-2160m³/h
  • S-AJ 30 filter area: 30m²
  • S-AJ 30 max. vacuum: 15,000Pa
  • S-AJ 30 compressed air: 19.2L/min
  • S-AJ 30 air volume: 1800-2700m³/h