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Reactor E-10

Reactor E-10

Graco's Reactor E-10 is a small, ready-to-use system that helps you get in and get smaller jobs done fast without sacrificing performance. The Reactor E-10 sprayers are ideal for plural-component spray, joint-fill jobs and touch-ups. With smart controls that are easy to setup and simple to operate, the E-10 is a natural complement to any proportioning equipment line-up.

  • Small size is ideal for on-site portability and hard-to-reach areas
  • One-person operation saves time and money
  • Use as an add-on to your existing spray business
  • Versatile - switch from cold spray to hot spray to foam
  • Saves 30% on material costs compared to disposable foam systems

Small ready-to-use systems with big results!

  1. Electric power is low draw and plugs into standard outlets
  2. Intuitive start, stop and digital temperature display with single knob operation
  3. Pressure balance valves give you quick and easy balancing of system pressures
  4. Balanced proportioning eliminates pressure fluctuations to give you a consistent spray pattern
  5. Easy-to-service fluid section reduces maintenance and increases productivity
  6. Electric motor improves performance and reduces operating costs
  7. Self-contained translucent material tanks show you that you are spraying on-ratio
  8. Heaters and hose give you up to 2000 watts to pre-heat circulating material

Technical data

  • Maximum Fluid Working Pressure: 140 bar, 14 MPa
  • Maximum Fluid Temperature: 71°C
  • Maximum Ambient Temperature: 43°C
  • Maximum Output at 340 cycles/min: 5.4 kg/min
  • Output per Cycle (A and B): 0.0133 liter
  • Overpressure Relief: Recirc/Spray valves automatically relieve excessive fluid pressure back to supply tanks
  • Weight (approximately, depending on model): 72 kg
  • Wetted Parts: Aluminum, stainless steel, carbon steel, brass, carbide, chrome, chemically resistant o-rings, PTFE, ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene