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ProMix 2KE Proportioners

ProMix 2KE Proportioners

Compact, Entry-Level Plural Component Proportioners

Compact, entry-level proportioner available in pump and metered versions for all spray technologies

Available in pump and metered versions for all spray technologies, ProMix 2KE makes plural component finishing EASY. Designed for multi-color, two component, in-booth applications.

  • Designed for multi-color, two component, in-booth applications
  • Choose between pump-based or meter-based plural component systems
  • Stay on ratio within predefined tolerance limits, down to ±1% with the meter version and ±2% with the pump version
  • Off-ratio material will not reach your product – eliminating expensive re-work
  • Easy to service cartridge style fluid valves
  • Ability to program maintenance reminders

LCD Display

  • Mounts up to 10 feet away with standard cable
  • Simple operation functions: standby, spray, purge and flushing
  • Displays mix ratio, pot life time(s), and material flow rate
  • Easy to change colors on meter units
  • Material use screen for tracking costs and creating environmental reports
  • Settable maintenance reminders: pump cycles, valve cycles and filter days

Technical data

  • Mixing ratio range: 0.1:1-30:1
  • On-ratio accuracy: 10:1 to 30:1 Mixing Ratios: +/- 5%
  • Fluids handled: one or two component: solvent and waterborne paints, polyurethanes, epoxies, acid catalyzed varnishes, moisture sensitive isocyanates
  • Viscosity range of fluid: 20-5000 cps
  • Wetted parts: 303 and 304 stainless steel, Tungsten carbide (with nickel binder), perfluoroelastomer, PTFE