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LHS 21 Classic / Premium / System, 1,0 - 3,3 kW

These advanced air heaters are distinguished by their extremely small dimensions – especially the lean design (only 67 mm wide) – as well as their long service life. Designed for professional integration into machine systems, the new LHS series enables any specific application.

  • Easy to integrate (mounted from above)
  • Overheat protection with alarm output for the heating element (Classic, Premium and System)
  • Tool overheat protection with alarm output (System)
  • Infinitely adjustable heating capacity via potentiometer (Premium and System)
  • Remote control via analogue interface (4 – 20 mA or 0 – 10 V) (System)
  • Various open-loop and closed-loop control modes available for selection (System)
  • LED display (target/actual value display) (System)

Sterilizing, drying, welding, cleaning, shrinking, shaping, deburring and activating are now more efficient and reliable thanks to Leister’s proven hot-air technology!