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The automatic welder for your hot-air hand tool is an afford-able and reliable choice for flooring pros in small- to medium-sized projects.

Incredibly versatile - highest cost-benefit Ratio

  • The TRIAC hot-air tool and its entire nozzle range can be used both for manual welding, as well as with the MINIFLOOR drive unit for automatic welding. Your investment is already worthwhile starting with welding lengths as short as four feet!
  • The MINIFLOOR is the only automatic welder in the world that offers the possibility of connecting a hot-air hand tool in the simplest manner. This feature enhances the fields-of-use for a Leister TRIAC to countless variations!
  • The sophisticated technology of the drive unit and the drive-sensors enable welding directly from the wall. There is only one required joint along the entire weld seam, and THAT saves time!
  • The 51 mm / 2-inch minimum distance from the wall, ensures trouble-free welding around construction pipes and L-skirts.
  • The compact, low-profile design enables continuous welding in spaces with 295 mm / 12-inch minimum clearance (e.g. pre-assembled seat racks on public transportation, like trains and buses).

Easy handling

  • Weighing in at 5.3 kg / 12 lbs. (6.6 kg / 15 lbs including a TRIAC AT and nozzle), the MINIFLOOR is a lightweight solution among comparable welders and is easily transportable.
  • The quick-lock fastening system at the clamp allows for attaching / detaching of the TRIAC in a matter of seconds. Thanks to the interchangeable inserts, older TRIAC models also can be connected without a hitch.
  • The individually-adjustable start-up delay of the MINIFLOOR drive unit enables modification of the startup speed according to individual needs.

Incredibly fast

  • Despite its lightweight design, the MINIFLOOR offers a welding speed of about 2 m / 6.5 ft. per minute, nearly double the speed of manual welding.

With the MINIFLOOR automatic welder, the field-of -use of the TRIAC can be expanded to countless applications. The drive unit comes with a quick-lock fastening system at the clamp at which the TRIAC is secured. This turns your hot-air hand tool into an automatic welder in a matter of seconds.

The MINIFLOOR clearly increases the weld quality, facilitates work and reduces the time necessary to complete your project. Its use is worthwhile from weld lengths of 1.20 m / 4 ft., and thanks to its lightweight (5.3 kg/12 lbs.) design, the MINIFLOOR can effortlessly be transported. Due to its compact height, the MINIFLOOR seamlessly welds directly from the wall, beneath obstacles with a minimum clearance of 295 mm / 12 inches, and at nearly twice the speed of manual welding. The asymmetrical design allows for continuous welding around construction pipes and L-skirts. The guide can be quickly positioned into the groove whereas the guide roller runs precisely along the joint line even if preparation of the groove is imperfect.

Technical data:    
Voltage V~ 230
Power W 5
Speed m/min 0,5 - 4,5
Air flow range % 45 - 100
Size (L x W x H) mm 310 x 225 x 245
Weight kg 5,3