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Graco ThermoLazer 300TC

Graco ThermoLazer 300TC

Thermoplastic Handliner

The most user-friendly, innovative thermoplastic striper to hit the streets

Graco’s ThermoLazer 300TC is one of the most productive and easy to use thermoplastic handliners in the industry. The system’s 300 lb material kettle allows for more striping and less time spent refilling with material, while its EasyGlide Wheel Mount System makes this unit as easy to maneuver as a LineLazer.

The Graco ThermoLazer 300TC Features

  • EasyGlide Wheel Mount System
    • Front mounted caster along with dual rear pneumatic air-filled tires makes handling safe and as easy to maneuver as a LineLazer striper
  • Tri-Flame Die Heat System
    • Reliable, safe system to keep die ready to use
  • Bead Dispense System
    • No-tool system allows fast and easy line width changes
  • Split Bead Hopper System
    • Split hopper holds over 90 lb of beads
    • Simple conversion to double drop bead system with optional kit
  • FatTrack Front Swivel Wheel
    • Proven front caster wheel system makes turning fast and easy
    • Maneuver curves better
    • No need to “muscle” it while moving

Optional LineDriver System

LineDriver and LineDriver HD Systems adaptable for the ThermoLazer 300TC System.

  • Get higher productivity and straighter lines with less fatigue
  • Move between jobs without having to push
  • Dual Pedal System—multiple positions allow for simple forward and reverse (Patented)

Technical data

  • Fuel: Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LP-gas) (propane vapor)
  • Gas supply maximum pressure: 17.24 bar
  • Kettle burners: 0.034 bar
  • Torch: 1.38 bar
  • Screed box front burners: 1.38 bar
  • Kettle burners (sum of 2 burners): (2) 8.8 kW
  • Torch : 29.3 kW
  • Screed box front burner (sum of 3 burners): 7.9 kW
  • Gas: 9.1 kg
  • Main kettle: 136 kg — Thermoplastic traffic marking compound materials
  • Bead hopper: 40 kg — Type II glass bead
  • Maximum operating temperature: 232 °C
  • Front tire pressure: 3.10 bar
  • Rear tire pressure: 4.14 bar