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Complete and space-saving ”Plug & Play” compressed-air cleaned filter unit with integrated fan to be used for air filtration from processes that form limited dust volumes (welding, cutting, grinding and similar). Can be placed in the production room and filters extraction from up to 7 simultaneous welding places.

Description filter unit

  • Polluted air is led in through the lowest connection on unit side, wherein preseparator is integrated.
  • Air is filtered through vertical-placed filter cartridge with internal filter core, which optimizes cleaning effect.
  • Differential pressure controlled cleaning of filter cartridges through integrated compressed-air system incl. automatic after-cleaning for optimized regeneration of filter cartridges.
  • Clean air is led out through connection in unit side.
  • Dust is collected in dust container in unit bottom. Dust container mounted in Gram Quicklock-adjustable dust container suspension.

Description fan

Unit is above equipped with a fan type VE or RV, 3x400 VAC, 50 Hz, 2800 rpm. Both fans are equipped with closed fan wheel with backward-curved straight self-cleaning blades, static/dynamic balanced according to ISO 14694 (BV3 G 6.3). Fan delivers air in fan enclosure, where air noise is dampen by sound absorbing material, before it is led out through bolted-on connection.

Simple mounting, connection and operation

Unit delivered ready for use. Equipped with fork pockets and crane lifting points for easy transport and installation. Integrated motor starter and CEE-plug on front make connection quick and easy. Unit is also available for operation with external frequency converter. In that case motor is delivered with built-in thermo sensor. Compressed-air supply is connected on unit by Cejn-coupling incl. ø10mm hose nipple. Easily accessible differential pressure reading in digital display of filter control placed countersunk on unit front. Quicklock-adjustable dust container on 4 wheels ensures user-friendly dust container service.

Can be used for room ventilation/air cleaning and is available with W3-certificate

For cleaning of slightly polluted room air containing e.g. welding smoke Filterline FL52 and FL 104 can be delivered with mounted air distribution modules that effects extraction of polluted air in top and returning clean filtered air at floor level (recirculation). Filterline units with/without selected Airtower modules (PFL) are available with W3-certificate.

Technical data

  • Air volume: Up to 8,200m³/h
  • Vacuum: Up to 5,000Pa
  • Filter area: 26 - 168m²