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Dynamelt™ LC Series (2022) - Adhesive Supply Unit

Dynamelt™ LC Series (2022) - Adhesive Supply Unit

The Dynamelt™ LC Series (2022) adhesive supply unit is a large capacity melter with a multiple stage melt-on-demand system. Two critical factors in choosing the right ASU for your operation are melt rate and pump rate and ITW Dynatec has maximized both in the LC Series for optimum output. The LC Series melter can also maintain a large variety of pump sizes and configurations, offering even greater flexibility.


  • Max pump output rate up to 2000 lbs/hr for ultimate performance.
  • Teflon impregnated anodized hopper.
  • Built-in safety systems to prevent charring.
  • Multiple grid rows for superior melt rate.
  • Multiple temperature control zones.

The Dynatec Difference

High Volume Melt Rate
The net output of any adhesive supply unit’s melting capacity is based on two factors - square inches of surface area in conjunction with wattage. ITW Dynatec has the highest number of square inches, in relationship to wattage, of any melter in it’s class - giving you the superior performance you require. In addition, ITW Dynatec’s patented Melt-On-Demand system utilizes vertical, unheated hoppers that only melt the amount of adhesive required by the application. Most of the adhesive in the hopper remains at a much lower temperature, perhaps even solid state. The added benefits of melting only the adhesive required are faster start-ups, lower energy costs, better viscosity control, and reduced fumes.

Technical data

  • LC2023 Hopper Capacity: 1100 lbs (498 kg)
  • LC2024 Hopper Capacity: 1025 lbs (464 kg)
  • LC2026 Hopper Capacity: 875 lbs (396 kg)
  • Operating Temperature: 200º to 450º F (93º to 232º C)
  • LC2023 Melt Rate (per hour): 120-400 lb/hr (55-182 kg/hr)
  • LC2024 Melt Rate (per hour): 120-600 lb/hr (55-272 kg/hr)
  • LC2026 Melt Rate (per hour): 120-1000 lb/hr (55-453 kg/hr)
  • Control Scheme: Allen-Bradley ControlLogix® w/ Panelview 1000+ Color HMI
  • Number of Pumps: 1 - 4
  • Available Pump Sizes: Each pump up to 45cc (535 lbs/hr)
  • Height (H): 225 cm (88.75 in)
  • Depth (D): 122 cm (48 in)
  • Width (W): 114 cm (44.75 in)