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Compact compressed-air cleaned filter unit with timer control for filtration of welding smoke, grinding dust, cutting smoke and dusty air containing metal, rock, plastic etc. or from handling various powder mixes.

  • Polluted air is led into unit through tangential inlet in raw air chamber top. Hereby downflow and preseparation by cyclone effect are ensured, which contributes to load reduction on the filter media itself.
  • Air is filtered through vertical-placed filter cartridge with internal filter core, which optimizes cleaning effect.
  • Timer-controlled filter cleaning by integrated compressed-air system with pressure tank and jet valve.
  • Clean air is led out through connection above in unit side.
  • Dust is collected in dust container in unit bottom. Quicklock-adjustable dust container system suspended in ø400mm system flange.

Technical data

  • CJF and CJF-V air volume: Up to 4,400m³/h
  • CJF Vacuum: Up to 5,000Pa
  • CJF-V vacuum: Up to 40,000Pa
  • CJF and CJF-V filter area: 13 - 84m²