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Torufilter tüüp ACF/W3

Torufilter tüüp ACF/W3
  • High efficient cyclone filter
  • Differential pressure controlled compressed air cleaning
  • Filter control is placed countersunk on front
  • Compressed air connection is led forward to countersunk front
  • Digital differential pressure display
  • Pressure tank with manometer built into cabinet
  • Dustfree filter change
  • Gram Maxi325 jet pulse system
  • Standard filter material: G115A, dust class M
  • Welding smoke class W3
  • High performance preseparator by cyclone - increases filter life
  • Easy service access by front doors
  • Dust container with Quicklock system mounted with system flange 400. Incl. plastic sack for dustfree waste disposal
  • Construction among others according to:
    • Machine directive 2006/42/EC
    • EN ISO 15012-1
    • ISO 14121
  • Min. filter load: 30 m³/m²/h per filter
  • Max. filter load: 70 m³/m²/h per filter

Operational data

Air volume: Is calculated on the basis of dust type and dust volume as well as other circumstances by V. Aa. Gram A/S.
Filter control (BA): 230V AC (constant)
Compressed air: 5.5 - 6.0 bar dry compressed air by Cejn-coupling incl. ø10mm hose nipple