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Tsüklonfilter ACF/ACF-T/ACF-V

Tsüklonfilter ACF/ACF-T/ACF-V

Energy-optimized unit for larger filtration tasks. Is used for filtration of welding smoke, grinding dust, cutting smoke and dusty air containing metal, rocks, plastic etc. or from handling various powder mix


  • Polluted air is led into unit through tangential inlet in raw air chamber top. Hereby downflow and preseparation by cyclone effect are ensured, which contributes to load reduction on the filter media itself.
  • Air is filtered through vertical-placed filter cartridge with internal filter core, which optimizes cleaning effect.
  • Differential pressure controlled cleaning of filter cartridges through integrated compressed-air system incl. automatic after-cleaning for optimized regeneration of filter cartridges.
  • Clean air is led out through connection in the side (ACF/ACF-V)/the top (ACF-T) of unit.
  • Dust is collected in dust container in unit bottom. Quicklock-adjustable dust container system suspended in ø400mm system flange.

Lower operation costs

Inlet with downflow, preseparation by cyclone effect as well as optimized filter cleaning ensure lower differential pressure above the filter cartridge. Hereby longer operating times with fewer shutdowns as well as lower operation costs (filter materials, power and compressed-air consumption) are obtained.

Simple mounting, connection and operation

Filter unit is delivered fully assembled, is raised and connected. Compressed-air connection made easy on unit front. Easily accessible differential pressure reading in digital display of filter control placed countersunk on unit front. Filters are easily replaced through front doors on unit side. Quicklock-adjustable dust container on 4 turnable wheels ensures user-friendly dust container service.

Technical data

  • ACF/ACF-T air volume: Up to 40,000m³/h
  • ACF/ACF-T vacuum: Up to 5,000Pa
  • ACF/ACF-T filter area: 39 - 756m²
  • ACF-V air volume: Up to 20,000m³/h
  • ACF-V vacuum: Up to 40,000Pa
  • ACF-V filter area: 39 - 756m²