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Billboards and tarpaulins

Variant T1, 40mm, 230V/3680W

Variant V1's top welding speed of up to 18 m/min and its slim, compact design make it a winning choice.

Uniplan E Hot air welding machine, 30mm, 230V/2300W with Euro-plug

Efficient hot air welding of industrial fabrics. With electronically regulated heating and digital display of air flow, temperature and welding speed.

Uniplan Wedge, 20mm, 230V/900W, with laser guide, Euro-plug

The Uniplan Wedge hot-wedge welding machine for convenient, quiet and smokeless welding of industrial fabrics. Especially precise with optional laser guidance.

Unimat V Overlap, 20mm, 230V/3680W, Euro-plug

UNIMAT V is a microprocessor-controlled high-performance tool for overlap welding of industrial fabrics with hot air.

Unimat V Tape, 40mm, 230V/3680W, Euro-plug

UNIMAT V Tape is for user-friendly, economical, fast strip welding with hot air. For industrial fabrics or coated woven materials.

Tapemat, 50mm, 3x400V/10000W, 16A CEE-plug

Unbelievable but true: the new TAPEMAT manages a topspeed of up to 20 m/min.

Tapemat Spriegel, 100mm, 3x400V/10000W, 16A CEE-plug

Tapemat Spriegel is the power pack for fast and economic welding of tarpaulin bows for lorrys.