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Hot air blowers

MISTRAL Premium / System, 2,3 - 4,5 kW

Two model groups are available in this range – the MISTRAL 2, 4, and 6 PREMIUM, and the top-of-the-range MISTRAL6 SYSTEM. All MISTRAL6 devices are equipped with a maintenance-free brushless blower motor, making them perfectly-suited to continuous operation. The MISTRAL6 SYSTEM can either be operated using its integrated controls or via an external system interface.

VULCAN System, 6,0 - 11,0 kW

The muscle man among the hot-air blowers leaves no doubts about its performance. It is compactly built and easy to integrate into industrial processes. Just as Leister’s smaller hot-air blowers, VULCAN SYSTEM can be controlled remotely through a standard analog interface.

FORTE S3, 3x400V/10kW

The FORTE S3 is a powerful hand tool for flameless shrinking even in the most confined spaces.

HOTWIND Premium, hot air blower

Hot air blowers

Its brushless motor ensures that this hot-air blower has a long service life. The air volume can now be set infinitely up to 900 l/min via the potentiometer. The wide range of applications makes the new HOTWIND SYSTEM truly impressive: be it as a unit with integrated control or as a unit for integration in a closed-loop control circuit using a system interface.