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MONO 6 SYSTEM high pressure blower 230V/120W

MONO: Compact with high performance.

MINOR blower 230V/100W

MINOR is a powerful blower for DIODE PID and DIODE S.

SILENCE medium pressure blower 1x230V/50Hz

Medium pressure blower (radial compressor)Reliable “pussyfooter” with respectable power.

AIRPACK High pressure blower 3x230/400V/50Hz

High pressure blower (side channel compressor). High pressure and surprisingly high air-flow.

ROBUST High pressure blower 1x230V/50Hz

High pressure blower (side channel compressor). Despite small dimensions a true muscle man.

ASO medium pressure blower 1x230V/50Hz

At 60 Hz, the ASO delivers 15 900 l/min. When used with the appropriate accessories it can supply several Leister air heaters in parallel.