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Automatic Powder coating equipment

Gema's Magic Systems

Gema's Magic Systems offer a complete solution for all your color change needs:

  • 5 to 15 minutes color change time is easy to achieve depending from application and process conditions.
  • The Magic Systems are the best color change solution even for metallic powders, structured powders and other challenging materials.
  • The reduced amount of powder in the system make the cleaning process even faster and easier.
  • The booth size and layout are compact and can be customized to your specific requirements.
  • The OptiCenter, the ZA reciprocators, the OptiGun, the CM touch screen controls are all designed to work together for quick and clean color change.
  • Our cyclone recovery system is easy to clean and offers great efficiency to maximize powder recovery.
  • Final filters have the highest filtration efficiency, require minimal maintenance and can incorporate frequency converters and other smart energy saving features.

Conveyor Ground tester

Conveyor Ground tester

Especially designed for electrostatic coating applications. A poor ground of the pieces to be coated may result in a poor quality of the electrostatic coating work. Coating thickness may not be sufficient or the pieces may not be evenly covered.